Pododimeriaceae Boonmee & K.D. Hyde, in Boonmee et al., Mycosphere 8(10): 1750 (2017).

MycoBank number: MB 553834; Index Fungorum number: IF 553834; Facesoffungi number: FoF 03692, 5 species.

Parasitic on living coniferous leaves. Sexual morph: Ascomata superficial, with or without hypostroma, solitary, scattered, easily removed, black, with apical ostiole. Peridium comprises multi-layers of brown to dark brown cells of textura angularis. Hamathecium comprising dense, branched, septate, cellular pseudoparaphyses. Asci 8-spored, bitunicate, cylindrical to broadly clavate or ellipsoid, sessile or with knob-like pedicel, rounded at apex, with an ocular chamber. Ascospores 2–3-seriate, irregularly arranged, ellipsoid-fusiform to subclavate, rounded at both ends, olivaceous-brown, 1-supramedian-septate, constricted at the septum, upper cell wider than lower cell. Asexual morph: Undetermined.

Type: Pododimeria E. Müll.

Notes: Pododimeriaceae was introduced by Boonmee et al. (2017) based on morphology to accommodate two genera Chaetoscutula and Pododimeria. No sequence data is available for this family.