Platypeltella Petr., in Sydow & Petrak, Annls mycol. 27(1/2): 62 (1929)

Asterinopeltis Bat. & H. Maia, in Batista et al., Revta Biol., Lisb. 1(3–4): 293 (1958)

Notes: Platypeltella was introduced by Sydow and Petrak (1929), with the type species P. smilacis Petr.Wu et al. (2014) include the genus in Asterinaceae base on superficial hyphae with intercalary capitate appressoria, and is similar to Asterinella. However, they can be distinguished by their asci and ascospores, in Asterinella, the asci are broadly cylindrical and the ascospores are 2-celled and constricted at the septum, while asci in Platypeltella are clavate and ascospores are usually 2-celled, with the primary septum forming some distance from the apex of the spore (Wu et al. 2014).

Type species: Platypeltella smilacis Petr., Annls mycol. 27(1/2): 62 (1929)