Phyllotopsidaceae Locquin ex Olariaga, Huhtinen, Læssøe, J.H. Petersen & K. Hansen, fam. nov.

 MycoBank number: MB 831374; Index Fungorum number: IF 831374; Faces of Fungi number: FoF;

Basidiomata pleurotoid or clavarioid and sometimes arising from a sclerotium. Spore deposit white to salmon pink. Hyphal system monomitic. Basidiospores hyaline, cylindrical, allantoid or sub-globose, smooth, without iodine reactions. Cheilocystidia sometimes present in pleurotoid genera. Clamp connections present, rarely absent. Saprotrophic.

Type genus: Phyllotopsis E.-J. Gilbert & Donk ex Singer

Representative   genera:  MacrotyphulaPhyllotopsis and Pleurocybella.

Notes: Macrotyphula, Phyllotopsis and Pleurocybella were suggested to be closely related by Dentinger & McLaughlin (2006) and our analyses confirm that they form a monophyletic group. Despite this, no obvious synapomorphic characters support the relationship between the typhuloid Macrotyphula and the pleurotoid Phyllotopsis and Pleurocybella (Moncalvo et al. 2002). All three genera contain saprotrophic species, mostly lignicolous, and possess clamp connections.


  • Phyllotopsis