Phaeotrichales Ariyaw., Jian K. Liu & K.D. Hyde, in Hyde et al.

MycoBank number:MB 805301;Index Fungorum number: IF 805301; Facesoffungi number: FoF 08131.

Phaeotrichales was introduced by Hyde et al. (2013) to accommodate Phaeotrichum as the type genus. Phaeotrichales is considered an order of coprophilous fungi within the class Dothideomycetes. Species in this order are characterized by unilocular, stromatic, globose ascomata with a thin, carbonaceous peridium and dark brown to reddish brown ascospores with terminal germ pores (Hyde et al. 2013). According to the recent outline of Wijayawardene et al. (2018), only a single family (Phaeotrichaceae) is placed in Phaeotrichales. Phylogenetic placement of genera in this order are shown in Fig. 66. The divergence time for Phaeotrichales is estimated as 229 MYA (stem age, Hongsanan et al. 2020).

Accepted families: Phaeotrichaceae.