Phaeothecales Abdollahz. & Crous, in Abdollahzadeh, Groenewald, Coetzee, Wingfield & Crous, Stud. Mycol. 95: 393 (2020)

Index Fungorum number: IF 833148; MycoBank number: MB 833148; Facesoffungi number: FoF 15877

Etymology – Name refers to the genus Phaeotheca.

Mycelium consisting of hyaline to brown, smooth-walled, septate, branched hyphae, terminal or intercalary cells becoming swollen, developing numerous endoconidia. Endoconidia brown, smooth to verruculose, thin- to thick-walled, globose to obovoid, aseptate to muriformly septate (from Crous et al. 2018).

Type genus – Phaeotheca Sigler, Tsuneda & J.W. Carmich.

Figure 1 – Reduced phylogenetic tree inferred from a Bayesian analysis based on a concatenated alignment of LSU, TEF-1α and RPB2. Bayesian posterior probabilities (PP) and maximum likelihood bootstrap support values (ML-BS) are indicated at the nodes (PP/ML-BS). The scale bar represents the expected number of changes per site. The lineages in Capnodiales s. l. are indicated in different colours. The tree was rooted with Venturia inaequalis (CBS 594.70)