Parapaucispora A. Hashim., K. Hiray. & Kaz. Stud. Mycol. 90: 188 (2018).

MycoBank number: MB 815297; Index Fungorum number: IF 815297; Facesoffungi number: FoF 08280; 1 morphological species (Hashimoto et al. 2018a), 1 species with molecular data.

Type speciesParapaucispora pseudoarmatispora (Hay. Takah., K. Hiray. & Kaz. Tanaka) A. Hashim., K. Hiray. & Kaz. Tanaka, Stud. Mycol. 90: 188 (2018).

≡ Lophiostoma pseudoarmatisporum Hay. Takah., K. Hiray. & Kaz. Tanaka, in Li et al., Fungal Diversity 78: 35 (2016).

Notes – According to Li et al. (2016a), Lophiostoma pseudoarmatisporum was placed under Lophiostoma and later Hashimoto et al. (2018a) introduced a new genus and accomodated this species as the type species of Parapaucispora based on morphology and phylogeny. This genus can be distinguished from other genera in Lophiostomataceae in having the single-zoned peridium and absence of a clypeus near the ostiolar neck (Hashimoto et al. 2018a).


  • Parapaucispora pseudoarmatispora