Paradissoconium Crous & Boers, gen. nov.

Mycobank number: MB 841794; Index Fungorum number: IF 841794; Facesoffungi number: FoF 15679;

Etymology: Name refers to its morphological similarity to Dissoconium.

Classification:Dissoconiaceae, Mycosphaerellales, Dothi­ deomycetes.

Mycelium consisting of hyaline, smooth, branched, septate hyphae. Conidiophores solitary, unbranched, erect, subcylindrical to subulate, with truncate apex, straight to gently curved, smooth, pale brown, septate. Conidiogenous cells terminal, integrated, loci slightly darkened, proliferating sympodially, and rejuvenating percurrently. Primary conidia solitary, straight, constricted at median septum, smooth, hyaline, ellipsoid, apex obtuse, base obconically truncate, hilum pronounced, darkened. Secondary conidia adjacent to primary conidia, hyaline, smooth, aseptate, ellipsoid, tapering to truncate hilum; anastomosing with primary conidia after active discharge.

Type species: Paradissoconium narthecii Crous & Boers .