Obryzum Wallr., Naturgesch. Flecht. 1: 253 (1825)

MycoBank number: MB 3537; Index Fungorum number: IF 3537; Facesoffungi number: FoF 05206; 3 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020).

Type speciesObryzum corniculatum (Hoffm.) Wallr.

Notes – Species of this genus have been reported to be derived mainly from temperate areas and observed to be occasionally parasitic on cyanobacterial lichens of Leptogium genus. At first, Obryzum corniculatum was Collema corniculatum. However, after it had been considered improper to give the lichenicolous fungus similar name as its host, Collema corniculatum, the generic name was changed to Obryzum (Lücking et al. 2017). Given the fact that Obryzum was at first mistakenly introduced as generic name for a presumed pyrenocarpous gelatinous lichen (Wallroth 1825), neither C. corniculatum nor Obryzum can be lectotypified on the lichenicolous fungus (Lücking et al. 2017). In this case, a conservation proposal is essential if O. corniculatum and Obryzum are to be maintained in their currently used sense (Lücking et al. 2017). Obryzum is now maintained in the Pezizomycotina, genera incertae sedis and is still a poorly studied genus with insufficient molecular data (Lücking et al. 2017). Obryzum corniculatum is illustrated in this entry.

Figure 180 Obryzum corniculatum (Material examined – UK, March 1876 W. Joshua W, M- 0042649, neotype). a-c Herbarium material. d Appearance of ascomata on host substrate. e Transverse section through ascoma. f Transverse section through ostiole. g Peridium. h Paraphyses i-j Asci. k Lack of apical ring. l, m Ascospores. Scale bars: d = 300 µm, e = 50 µm, f-g, j = 30 µm, h, l = 10 µm, i = 20 µm.


  • Obryzum corniculatum