Neopyrenochaetopsis Valenz-Lopez, Cano, Guarro & Stchigel, Stud. Mycol. 90: 63 (2017).

MycoBank number: MB 820309; Index Fungorum number: IF 820309; Facesoffungi number: FoF 08358; 1 species (Species Fungorum 2020), 1 species with molecular data.

Type speciesNeopyrenochaetopsis hominis Valenz.-Lopez, Cano, Guarro & Stchigel, Stud. Mycol. 90: 63 (2017).

Notes – This genus is characterised by brown, solitary or confluent, glabrous, subglobose to ovoid pycnidium, with ostiolate, wall comprises textura angularis cells, phialidic, ampulliform to globose conidiogenous cells, ovoid to cylindrical, aseptate, hyaline, smooth- and thin-walled conidia (Valenzuela-Lopez et al. 2018). Valenzuela-Lopez et al. (2018) introduced this genus in Pyrenochaetopsidaceae based on it being different from other taxa in the production of smaller- sized conidia, and a yellow diffusing pigment on MEA and OA. Phylogenetically, the only strain of this genus, CBS 143033 from a clinical sample, formed a distinct lineage at the base of Pyrenochaetopsidaceae (Valenzuela-Lopez et al. 2018, this study).


  • Neopyrenochaetopsis hominis