Natipusilla limonensis A. Ferrer, A.N. Mill. & Shearer, Mycologia 103(2): 417 (2011)

MycoBank number: MB 518367;Index Fungorum number: IF 518367; Facesoffungi number: FoF 12778;

Saprobic on submerged decaying wood. Asexual morph: Undetermined. Sexual morph: Ascomata scattered or gregarious, superficial, perithecial, 90–120 μm diam., globose, hyaline becoming light brown with age. Ascomatal wall coriaceous, thick-walled, of textura angularis in surface view. Pseudoparaphyses not observed. Asci few, 40–50 × 22.5–29 µm, globose, ellipsoidal or broadly clavate, 8-spored, without an apical chamber, stalk absent. Ascospores 24.5–33 × 7–10.2 µm ( = 28.8 × 8.9 µm, n = 20), clavate or asymmetrically fusiform, papillate, hyaline, uniseptate, smooth-walled, guttulate, constricted at the septum, upper cell slightly broader than the lower cell, straight or usually slightly curved, surrounded by a mucilaginous shield-shaped sheath.