Myriangiella Zimm., Centbl. Bakt. ParasitKde, Abt. I 8: 183 (1902).

MycoBank number: MB 3356; Index Fungorum number: IF 3356; Facesoffungi number: FoF 07048; 4 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), molecular data unavailable.

Type speciesMyriangiella orbicularis Zimm., Centbl. Bakt. ParasitKde, Abt. I 8: 183 (1902).

NotesMyriangiella is characterized by flattened, circular, disciform ascostromata, 8- spored, bitunicate, ovoid asci, and phragmosporous, hyaline, oblong, septate ascospores (Saccardo 1906, Phookamsak et al. 2016). Von Höhnel (1909a) treated Myriangiella as a synonym of Micropeltis and later von Höhnel (1912) established a new genus Phragmothyriella Höhn. to accommodate M. orbicularis and Phragmothyriella moelleriana. Toro (1927) reinstated Myriangiella to accommodate M. orbicularis and synonymized P. moelleriana (under Myriangiella. Saccardo (1906) accommodated Myriangiella in Myriangiaceae, while Toro (1927) placed the genus in Hemisphaeriaceae. Von Arx & Müller (1975) treated the genus in Schizothyriaceae. Myriangiella is a poorly documented genus lacking a modern taxonomic treatment. The type specimen and taxonomic literature for Myriangiella could not be located. Phookamsak et al. (2016) treated Myriangiella as a doubtful genus. However, Wijayawardene et al. (2018) tentatively reinstated the genus in Schizothyriaceae pending future studies.


  • Myriangiella orbicularis