Mucochytrium S. Geraci-Yee & B. Allam, in Geraci-Yee, Brianik, Rubina, Collier & Allam, Protist 171(no. 125793): 3 (2021)

Genus name registrations: 102595 (PhycoBank)

Index Fungorum number: IF557960; Facesoffungi number: FoF12588

Diagnosis: Vegetative cells are globose and produce muco-polysaccharide secretion (mucus) that lack ectoplasmic nets. Sporangium can produce non-motile (endospores) and/or motile spores (biflagellate zoospores) depending on culturing conditions with two sporulation pathways. Cyst and protoplast stages are present. An amoeboid (motile) stage or production of a proliferous body were not observed. Distinguished from other gen- era based on molecular inference, production of mucus, and parasitism of hard clams.

Species assignable: To our knowledge, there are no other species that match the diagnosis.

Etymology: Muco = mucus, in recognition of the type species’ unique mucus production; chytrium = pot, in recognition of the type nomenclature used for naming genera of thraustochytrids.

Type species: Mucochytrium quahogii S. Geraci-Yee & B. Allam sp. nov.