Morellospora D. Corsaro, J. Walochnik, D. Venditti, B. Hauröder & R. Michel, Parasitology Research 119: 929 (2020)

MycoBank number: IF92258, Facesoffungi number: FoF12584

Etymology: The genus name is derived from Morella, a small blackberry. Morell-, L. dim. of morum, L., neut. nom., blackberry; spora, Gr., fem. nom., seed. Morellospora, a morula-like spore-forming organism.

Description: unicellular organisms, forming morula-like in- clusions in the cytoplasm of the host cell. With infective non- flagellated walled spores; naked trophic cells free in the host cytoplasm, developing into multinucleated plasmodia in which spore formation occurs by vacuolation (endogenous sporogony).

Type species: Morellospora saccamoebae sp. nov.