Melaspileella proximella (Nyl.) Ertz & Diederich, Fungal Diversity 71: 161 (2015).

Arthonia proximella Nyl., Lich. Scand. (Helsinki): 262 (1861).

MycoBank number: MB 811374; Index Fungorum number: IF 636682; Facesoffungi number: FoF 07610; Fig. 10

Description: see Zeller and Tóth (1960).

Fig. 10 Melaspileella proximella. a Fruiting body on host (redrawn from ERD-7986. Photo: Enrique Rubio). b Section through ascoma, in water (redrawn from Finland, H-NYL 4827, lectotype). c Ascus with ascospores, in water (redrawn from Finland, H-NYL 4827, lectotype). d Ascus with ascospores (Hungary, on Juniperus, Zeller & Tóth 2835, BP – paratype of Banhegyia setispora). e Ascospore with polar setulae, in water (redrawn from Belgium, Ertz 19187). f Ascospore with polar setulae (redrawn from Finland, Nylander, H – lectotype). Scale bars: b = 20 µm, c, d = 10 µm, e, f = 5 µm