Phylogram generated from maximum likelihood (RAxML) analysis using a GTR+I+G model of nucleotide evolution based on ITS for 55 Marasmius and two outgroup sequences (Crinipellis brunneipurpurea and C. malesiana). Maximum likelihood bootstrap support values greater than 50% and Bayesian posterior probabilities greater than 0.5 are indicated above or below the nodes. Numbers to the left of / are ML bootstrap percentages, and those to the right are Bayesian posterior probabilities. Sequences used in this study mostly have been sampled from a previous study (Tan et al. 2009; Wannathes et al. 2009). The newly generated sequences are in blue, and the newly described taxa is placed in bold font to highlight its phylogenetic position in the tree. GenBank accession numbers for all of the sequences are indicated in the tree. G – sect. Globulares; L – sect. Leveilleani; MM – sect. Marasmius subsect. Marasmius; MS – sect. Marasmius subsect. Sicciformes; N – sect. Neosessiles; SA – sect. Sicci ser. Atrorubentes; SH – sect. Sicci ser. Haematocephali; SL – sect. Sicci ser. Leonini; and SS – sect. Sicci ser. Spinulosi.