Laburnicola Wanas., Camporesi, E.B.G. Jones & K.D. Hyde, Fungal Biology 120(11): 1360 (2016).

MycoBank number: MB 551955; Index Fungorum number: IF 551955; Facesoffungi number: FoF 01919; 4 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 4 species with molecular data.

Type speciesLaburnicola muriformis Wanas., Camporesi, E.B.G. Jones & K.D. Hyde, Fungal Biol. 120(11): 1364 (2016).

NotesLaburnicola was introduced by Wanasinghe et al. (2016b) to accommodate Laburnicola muriformis as the type species. Laburnicola species shares some similar morphology with Austropleospora, Deniquelata, Kalmusia, Montagnula and Paraconiothyrium in having immersed ascomata and cylindrical to cylindric-clavate asci with a long pedicel, but it differs in having comparatively large ascospores, with 6-8 transverse septa and 1–2 longitudinal septa (Wanasinghe et al. 2016b). Only four Laburnicola species have been recorded, L. centaureae, L. dactylidis, L. hawksworthii and L. muriformis.


  • Laburnicola muriformis