Labrocarpon Etayo & Pérez-Ort., in Pérez-Ortega & Etayo, Lichenologist 42(3): 271 (2010).

MycoBank number: MB 515228; Index Fungorum number: IF 515228; Facesoffungi number: FoF 07620; 1 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 1 species with molecular data.

Type species: Labrocarpon canariense (D. Hawksw.) Etayo & Pérez-Ort. [as ‘canariensis’], in Pérez-Ortega & Etayo, Lichenologist 42(3): 272 (2010).

Melaspilea canariensis D. Hawksw., Lichenologist 14(1): 84 (1982).

Notes: Labrocarpon is a monotypic genus which was introduced by Pérez-Ortega and Etayo (2010) based on morphology of ascomata with periphyses (Ertz and Diederich 2015). Labrocarpon is more or less similar to Stictographa (Pérez-Ortega and Etayo 2010; Ertz and Diederich 2015). However, it formed a separate clade from Stictographa (Ertz and Diederich 2015; Dai et al. 2018). Labrocarpon is characterized by a lichenicolous life-style, superficial, rounded to slightly elliptic, black, disk-like ascomata with a slit-like opening and a well-developed exciple, producing pseudoparaphyses with a swollen and brown apex, bitunicate, clavate, thick-walled asci with an ocular chamber, and two-celled ascospores (Ertz and Diederich 2015).


  • Labrocarpon canariense