Kohlmeyeriopsis Klaubauf, M.-H. Lebrun & Crous, Stud. Mycol. 79: 101 (2014)

MycoBank number: MB 810197; Index Fungorum number: IF 810197; Facesoffungi number: FoF 10240; 1 species with sequence data.

Type speciesKohlmeyeriopsis medullaris (Kohlm., Volkm.-Kohlm. & O.E. Erikss.) Klaubauf, M.-H. Lebrun & Crous

NotesKohlmeyeriopsis medullaris (≡ Gaeumannomyces medullaris) was reported on senescent culms of Juncus roemerianus in North Carolina. The genus has trichocladium-like asexual morphs (Klaubauf et al. 2014). The sexual morph has ellipsoid ascomata, fusoid to cylindrical asci with a large apical ring staining in Meltzer’s reagent, and filamentous, hyaline ascospores, which produce appressoria when germinating (Klaubauf et al. 2014).


  • Kohlmeyeriopsis medullaris