Jorgewrightia Gibertoni & C.R.S. Lira, gen. nov.

Index Fungorum number: MB832804; Facesoffungi number: FoF

Etym:Jorgewrightia, in honor of the late Jorge Eduardo Wright renowned Argentinean mycologist.

Basidiomata annual, resupinate. Pore surface white, cream, pale yellowish, honey yellow, salmon, pinkish, ash gray, greyish violet or violet or brown. Pores round to angular, 2–7 per mm. Hyphal system dimitic with clamped generative hyphae, skeletal hyphae non-dextrinoid to strongly dextrinoid, CB+, unbranched to frequently branched. Basidiospores cylindrical, ellipsoid in one species, hyaline, thin-walled, smooth, IKI-, CB-. Polyhedric crystals in the subhymenium and hymenium present in all species except for J. yunnanensis. Hyphal pegs present in two species. Dendrohyphidia present in all but four species. Causing white rot on angiosperms. So far, known only from tropical and subtropical China.

Type species: – Megasporia guangdongensis B.K. Cui & Hai J. Li, Mycologia 105: 371.2013.

Observations: – The description above is updated from Megasporia sensu Li & Cui (2013a) and Yuan et al. (2017), which included M. cystidiolophora, M. elipsoidea, M. guangdongensis, M. hengduanensis, M. hexagonoides, M. major, M. rimosa, M. tropica and M. violacea.


  • Megasporia guangdongensis