Jafnea fusicarpa (W.R. Gerard) Korf, Nagaoa 7: 5 (1960) FIGURE 25

MycoBank number: MB 332669; Index Fungorum number: IF 332669; Facesoffungi number: FoF 12611;

Saprobic on soil. Sexual morph: Apothecia 1.5−2 cm broad, 1−1.2 cm high, scattered, deep cupulate, villose, stipitate. Receptacle deep concave, receptacle surface yellowish brown, covered brown hairs, margin conspicuous, entire. Stipe up to 1 cm broad, 1 cm long, terete, solid, brown. Hymenium brown. Stipitipellis 137−179 µm, of textura angularis, brown, comprised of 30−50 × 13−20 μm cells, with brown, septate, taping to obtuse end hairs. Ectal excipulum 70−163 µm broad, of textura angularis, brown, 20−30 × 11−16 μm, with up to 250 μm long, 25 μm broad, brownish to brown, septate, taping to obtuse end hairs. Medullary excipulum 180−300 µm broad, of textura intricata, composed of 2−5 µm broad hyaline hyphae. Paraphyses 2−4 µm broad, filiform, exceeding the asci, yellow brown, septate, apex enlarged, 3−5 µm broad. Asci 230−315 × 10−15 µm, 8−spored, operculate, cylindrical, inamyloid. Ascospores [20/1/1, in H2O] (24.2−)25.8−30.9(−33.8) × (9.1−)9.5−10.7(−11.1) (Q = 2.38−3.36, Q = 2.82±0.30), fusiform, uniseriate, hyaline, biguttulate, ornamented with irregular raised warts and cushion-shaped apiculi. Asexual morph: Unknown

FIGURE 25. Jafnea fusicarpa (HKAS 90031). ac Herbarium materials. d Stipitipellis in congo red. e Excipulum. f Hairs. g Asci and paraphyses in congo red. h Paraphyses. i, j Asci (i Ascus in Congo red). k Apex of asci in Congo red. lo Ascospores. Scale bars: d, gj = 100 μm. e, f = 50μm. k, l, n, o = 20 μm. m =30 μm.