Hypsostroma saxicola Huhndorf, Mycologia 84(5): 750 (1992).  Fig. 88

MycoBank number: MB 360174; Index Fungorum number: IF 360174; Facesoffungi number: FoF 08255.

Material examined – Dominican Republic. PRov. PuERT PLATA: Lorna Isabel de Torres, Cordillera Septentrional, 19″46’N, 70″42’W, 700 m; on rock, humid broadleaf forest just below summit, 20 Jan. 1991, R. C. Harris 26462 (NY, holotype).

Figure 88 Hypsostroma saxicola (holotype). a herbarium lable. b Ascomata on rock. c Close up of ascomata. d, e Longitudinal section through ascoma. f Peridium. g Pseudoparaphyses. h–j Asci. k, l Asci with ocular chamber. m–q Ascospores. Scale bars: d, e = 500 μm, f = 40 μm, g, k–q =20 μm, h–j = 50 μm.