Hyphosoma Syd., Annls mycol. 22(3/6): 315 (1924).

MycoBank number: MB 8608; Index Fungorum number: IF 8608; Facesoffungi number: FoF 06846; 5 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), molecular data unavailable.

Type speciesHyphosoma hypoxyloides Syd., Annls mycol. 22(3/6): 315 (1924).

Notes – Hughes (1970) concluded that the type species H. hypoxyloides is best considered a nomen confusum (Art. 69) based on a collection from New Zealand. Hyphosoma is retained as a distinct genus in Metacapnodiaceae (Wijayawardene et al. 2012, 2017a, Hyde et al. 2013, Chomnunti et al. 2014). Hyphae of this genus has two kinds which are (1) toruloid or moniliform, with secede as 2-celled conidia which vary greatly in size, (2) long, branched, slightly constricted at the septa, do not secede, but bear oblong-fusoid to clavate-fusoid with 8- to 13-septate conidia (Hughes 1970).


  • Hyphosoma hypoxyloides