Homortomyces Crous & M.J. Wingf., in Crous et al., IMA Fungus 3(2): 110 (2012).

MycoBank number: MB 801349; Index Fungorum number: IF 801349; Facesoffungi number: FoF 07968; 2 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 2 species with molecular data.

Type species: Homortomyces combreti Crous & M.J. Wingf.

Notes: Crous et al. (2012a) established Homortomyces in Dothideomycetes genera incertae sedis to accommodate H. combreti, which was associated with leaf spots on Combretum erythrophyllum. The second species, H. tamaricis was introduced by Wijayawardene et al. (2014b) from dead branches of Tamarix gallica. Thambugala et (2017) described the sexual morph of H. tamaricis associated with the same host. Homortomyces is similar to Stilbospora, which is classified in Stilbosporaceae, Diaporthales, Sordariomycetes (Wijayawardene et al. 2014b; Senanayake et al. 2017), while the genera Endocoryneum, Hendersoniopsis, Angiopomopsis and Ceratopycnis show similar conidial characteristics of Homortomyces. However, all these genera have been classified in incertae sedis due to lack sequence data (Crous et al. 2012a; Thambugala et al. 2017).