Hirticrusta Matozaki,T.Hatt.&Sotome,gen.nov.

MycoBank number: MB 833843; Index Fungorum number: IF 833843; Facesoffungi number: FoF;

Differs from Neofomitella by the persistent and velutinous to tomentose hairs on pileus surface, thin crustose layer composed of parallel hyphae, and leathery to fibrous corky and brownish context.

Type species: Hirticrusta subradiata (Lloyd) Matozaki, T. Hatt. & Sotome

Etymology: hirtus (Latin) hairy; crusta (Latin) crust, referring to the crustose layer below the velutinous hairs on pileus surface.

Basidiocarps annual to biennial, sessile. Pileus dimidiate to semicircular, applanate or convex; surface with velutinous hairs. Context leathery to fibrous-corky, buff to brown, turning black with KOH; with a persistent crustose layer recognizing in longitudinal section as a dark brown line below velutinous hairs. Hymenophore poroid. Hyphal systems trimitic with clamped generative hyphae, skeletal and binding hyphae, hyphae IKI−. Crustose layer on pileus surface composed of parallel and densely arranged hyphae. Cystidia absent. Basidiospores cylindrical, thin-walled, hyaline. IKI−. Causing a white rot.