Hevansia Luangsa-ard, Hywel-Jones & Spatafora in IMA Fungus 8: 348 (2017)

MycoBank number: MB 820885; Index Fungorum number: IF 820885; Facesoffungi number: FoF 13127; 8 morphological species (Kepler et al. 2017), 5 species with sequence data.

Type speciesHevansia novoguineensis (Samson & B.L. Brady) Luangsa-ard, Hywel-Jones & Spatafora

Notes – The genus was established with eight species and diagnosed by immersed perithecia and an akanthomyces-like asexual morph (Kepler et al. 2017). The genus infects spiders and has sessile stromata, immersed perithecia and monophialidic conidiogenous cells (Kepler et al. 2017).


  • Hevansia novoguineensis