Hausknechtia Wächter & A. Melzer, gen. nov. (Fig. 84)

Index Fungorum number: MB 831465; Facesoffungi number: FoF

Type species: Hausknechtia floriformis (Hauskn.) Wächter & A. Melzer (Fig. 80).

Etymology: Named after the Austrian mycologist Anton Hausknecht.

Description: Basidiomata small, terrestrial on sandy soil. Lamellae deliquescent. Young pileus strikingly sulcate, the margin splitting radially. Pileipellis a hymeniderm. Veil dis- tinct but fugacious, consisting of subcylindrical, branched hy- phae. Spores medium-sized, subcylindrical, pale, germ pore absent. Basidia 4-spored. Pleuro- and cheilocystidia absent. Clamps present.


Galerella floriformis Hauskn.; Ref.v.: WU22833 (Tóth et al. 2013)

Fig. 42 Super collapsed phylogram of the complete family Psathyrellaceae incl. outgroup

Fig. 80 Hausknechtia floriformis, holotype, coll. Hausknecht; Photograph: A. Hausknecht

Fig. 84 Phylogram part of the genera Hausknechtia, Olotia, Punjabia, Cystoagaricus, Typhrasa and Kauffmania; position in tree see Fig. 42