Goosia B. Song, Mycotaxon 87: 413 (2003).

MycoBank number: MB 28768; Index Fungorum number: IF 28768; Facesoffungi number: FoF 07963; – 1 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), molecular data unavailable.

Type species: Goosia melastomatis B. Song, Mycotaxon 87: 413 (2003).

Notes: The monotypic genus is characterized by dark brown phialides developing directly on the hyphae, and obovoid asci containing two ascospores (Bin 2003). This genus is similar to Thrauste in its superficial, ellipsoid ascomata and globose hyphopodia formed on dark brown hyphae. Bin (2003) did not observe mature ascomata and considered that Goosia differs from Thrauste with the former having phial- ides and smaller ascospores. Fresh collections are needed to confirm if they are different and also show its natural taxonomic relationships. Dai et al (2014b) redrew the main characters from Bin (2003).


  • Goosia melastomatis