Ferrarisia Sacc., Atti Inst. Veneto Sci. lett., ed Arti 10: 61 (1919).

MycoBank number: MB 1986; Index Fungorum number: IF 1986; Facesoffungi number: FoF 02309; 8 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), molecular data unavailable.

Type species: Ferrarisia philippina Sacc., Atti Soc.Veneto-Trent. Sci. Nat., Padova 23: 61 (1917).

Notes: Ferrarisia philippina was synonymized under F. ipomoeae. Thus, the current name for the generic type is F. ipomoeae (Inácio and Cannon 2008). Ferrarisia jasmini was transfered to Palawaniella by von Arx and Müller (1975). Eight species are accepted in Ferrarisia by Inácio and Cannon (2008). Ferrarisia was reported as pathogenic on living leaves and usually occurrs in tropics (Inácio and Cannon 2008; Wijayawardene et al. 2018, 2020). Ferrarisia is characterized by small, superficial, circular to elliptical, black ascostromata with subglobose asci and ellipsoid, brown ascospores with one septum (Inácio and Cannon 2008).


  • Ferrarisia philippina