Fassia scabrosa Dennis, Bull. Jard. bot. E ´tat Brux. 34: 241 (1964)

Saprobic dead branch of Strombosia glaucescens Engl. Sexual morph: Stromata 6 mm diam., superficial, irregularly globose or subglobose to irregularly depressed, dark, short stalked or subsessile, surface rugose, with white context. Ascomata subglobose, black, arranged in multiple layers, immersed in the stroma, with long, slender, protruding ostiolar necks. Paraphyses not observed. Asci 8-spored, unitunicate, cylindrical, short-pedicellate, without an apical ring. Ascospores 6–7 × 3–3.5 μm, irregularly 2–3-seriate, unitunicate, unicellular, reniform, pale brown, biguttulate. Asexual morph: Undetermined. (Based on Dennis 1964)

Notes: The holotype material was collected from D. R. Congo on dead branch of Strombosia glaucescens (Dennis 1964).

Fig.  Fassia scabrosa (redrawn from Dennis 1964). a, b Stroma in surface view. c Longitudinal section of stroma. d Asci and ascospores.