Entoloma Fr. ex P. Ku mm.

The genus Entoloma is characterized by pink or pinkish-brown spore print and basidiospores that are angular in all views (Noordeloos 1992; Noordeloos and Gates 2012). There is no agreement regarding the limits of the genus Entoloma as some authors have set a very wide limit to the genus (e. g., Donk 1949; Romagnesi 1978; Noordeloos 1981, 1992, 2004; Co-David et al. 2009; Noordeloos and Gates 2012) and others have applied a very restricted concept of the genus and have introduced several segregate genera such as Alboleptonia, Claudopus, Inocephalus, Leptonia, Nolanea, and Pouzarella (e.g., Largent 1974; Mazzer 1976; Baroni et al. 2011).