Dimerosporiopsis Henn., Hedwigia 40(Beibl.): (173) (1901).

MycoBank number: MB 1588; Index Fungorum number: IF 1588; Facesoffungi number: FoF 08832; – 2 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020; Crous et al. 2019b), 1 species with molecular data.

Type species: Dimerosporiopsis engleriana (Henn.) Henn., Hedwigia 40(Beibl.): (173) (1901).

Dimerosporium englerianum Henn., Bot. Jb. 17: 31 (1893).

Notes: Dimerosporiopsis is similar to other genera such as Proventuria in having superficial pseudothecia with pseudoparaphyses, cylindrical asci and pale olivaceous 1-septate ascospores. However, this genus differs from other genera in having pluri-guttulate ascospores (Crous et al. 2019b).


  • Dimerosporiopsis engleriana