Dichoporis wilsonii (Riddle) S.H. Jiang, Lücking & Sérus. comb. nov.

MycoBank number: MB 836387; Index Fungorum number: IF 836387; Facesoffungi number: FoF 08872.

Bas.: Porina wilsonii Riddle in Britton & Millspaugh, The Bahama Flora: 523 (1920); Porina wilsonii Riddle, Mycologia 15: 73 (1923) [nom. inval., ICN Art. 6.23, Note 2]; Strigula wilsonii (Riddle) R.C. Harris in Egan, Bryologist 90: 164 (1987).

Notes: The publication of Porina wilsonii by Riddle (1923) is an exact copy of the earlier publication by the same author in the chapter “Lichenes” in Britton & Mill- spaugh’s (1920) Bahama Flora. The later publication is usually considered a superfluous validation, but likely there was some confusion about publishing the same content twice in different outlets. Riddle had possibly overlooked that he had already published the species, because in the treatment on the Bahamas he included several species that he simultaneously described from other areas, such as in this case the Isle of Pines (Cuba), and in 1923 he focused on taxa from the latter area, without referring back to the Bahama Flora.