Cyanoboletus cyaneitinctus forma reticulatus (Snell, E.A. Dick & Hesler) A. Farid comb. nov.

MycoBank number: MB 840859; Index Fungorum number: IF 840859Facesoffungi number: FoF 10465;

BasionymBoletus pulverulentus f. reticulatus Snell, E.A. Dick & Hesler, Mycologia 43(3): 362. 1951.


Differs from the type forma in the reticulated stipe.

Material examined: USA, Florida, Hillsborough Co., Brandon, under Quercus laurifolia, 5 Jun 2020, Farid 1035 (USF 301501).

Distribution: Basidiomes typically occurring singly or more rarely gregariously, widely distributed in eastern North America.

Sequence data: ITS: MZ746113.1 (ITS1/ITS4); LSU: – (LROR/LR5); EF1a: – (EF1-BF1/EF1-B-R); RPB1: –  (RPB1-B-F/RPB1-B-R); RPB2: – (RPB2-B-F1/RPB2-B-R)

Notes: Cyanoboletus cyaneitinctus f. reticulatus differs from the type form by the reticulation present over the upper stipe. The protologue states all other macro- and micromorphological characters are consistent, and this is consistent with our observations.