Species Name Cronartium armandii X. Qi, P. Zhao & L. Cai, sp. nov
Facesoffungi Number: FoF 09996
Species Name Index Fungorum Number: IF 558588

Spermogonia not found. Aecia peridermioid, intracortical in origin, becoming erumpent; aeciospores borne singly, ellipsoid, obovoid, or subglobose, 10–13 × 6–11 µm, wall hyaline, about 2.0–3.0 µm thick including verrucae connected by filaments, verrucae 1.4–2.5 µm high, densely verrucose, nailhead-like verrucae with 7–8 layers, with obviously smooth area on surface, contents yellow. Uredinia usually lacked, urediniospores occasionally accompanying with telia, echinulate, sometimes with smooth surface at apex. Telia hypophyllous, hair-like columns, 0.4–1.0 µm long, straight or slight curved, bright yellow; teliospores oblong, 35–61 × 9–18 µm, catenulate, wall yellowish brown, 0.4–0.9 µm thick, without surface ornamentations.

Fig. 1. Cronartium armandii (holotype). A: Aecia on stem of P. armandii. B: Different shape of aeciospores by LM; C: Aeciospores with tower-like verrucae with multiple layers observed by SEM; D: Aeciospores with smooth area observed by SEM; E: Hypophyllous telia on R. maximowiczit; F: No telia on the upper leaf surface of R. maximowiczii; G: Hair-like telia on the surface of R. maximowiczit; H: Section of a telium observed by LM. I: Telium observed by SEM. (Bars: B, D, H= l0 μm; C=2.5 μm;I= 100 μm )