Creosphaeria Theiss., Beih. bot. Zbl., Abt. 2 27: 396 (1910)

Index Fungorum number: IF 1288; MycoBank number: MB 1288Facesoffungi number: FoF 03010; 2 morphological species (Daranagama et al. 2018, Species Fungorum 2020), 1 species with sequence data.

Type speciesCreosphaeria sassafras (Schwein.) Y.M. Ju, F. San Martín & J.D. Rogers.

Notes – Ju et al. (1993) resurrected Creosphaeria based on the morphological differences with Hypoxylon. In several phylogenetic studies, Creosphaeria is sister to Lopadostoma (Jaklitsch et al. 2014, Daranagama et al. 2018). The genus is characterised by stromata with KOH- extractable pigments, subglobose to broadly cylindrical ascomata, cylindrical, long-stipitate asci with discoid, J+, apical rings and unicellular, ellipsoid, slightly inequilateral to oblong or cylindrical, brown ascospores, with straight germ slit and libertella-like coelomycetous asexual morphs (Daranagama et al. 2018).


  • Creosphaeria sassafras