Crassoascus Checa, Barrasa & A.T. Martínez, Mycotaxon 46: 300 (1993)

MycoBank number: MB 26311; Index Fungorum number: IF 26311; Facesoffungi number: FoF 06440; 3 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020).

Type speciesCrassoascus fusisporus Checa, Barrasa & A.T. Martínez

NotesCrassoascus was introduced to accommodate C. fusisporus occurring on dead branches of Erica arborea in Spain (Barrasa et al. 1993). The second species, C. canadensis was found on wood of Salix in British Columbia (Barr 1994). The latest species is C. monocaudatus which was reported from a dead branch of Podocarpus parlatorei from Tucumán, in Argentina (Catania & Romero 2012). Crassoascus species are characterised by gregarious, semi-immersed, black ascomata with ostioles, a J+, subapical, ascal ring and bright brown to dark brown, multi- septate, fusiform ascospores, with hyaline refractive cap-like appendages at each end (Barrasa et al. 1993, Kang et al. 1999c).


  • Crassoascus fusisporus