Comminutispora A.W. Ramaley, Mycologia88(1): 132 (1996)

Index Fungorum Number: IF 27576; Facesoffungi Number: FoF 11099

Sexual morph: Ascomata immersed, separate, uniloculate, a small papilla penetrating the epidermis. Asci bitunicate, basal, 8-spored. Pseudoparaphyses lacking, interascal cells plentiful even at maturity, ostiolar canal periphysate. Ascospores transversely and longitudinally septate, ultimate segments forming secondary ascospores within the ascospores which are liberated into the ascus.

Type Species – Comminutispora agavaciensis A.W. Ramaley, Mycologia88(1): 132 (1996)