Capillidium B. Huang & Y. Nie, gen. nov.

Index Fungorum number: MB831596; Facesoffungi number: FoF

Etymology: Referring to unique ellipsoidal secondary conidia (capilliconidia).

Description: Mycelia colourless. Primary conidiophores simple, bearing a single primary conidia. Primary conidia forcibly discharged multinucleate, colourless, globose, pyriform to obovoid. Two kinds of replicative conidia, the first one is similar and smaller than primary conidia, the second one (capilliconidia) arises from elongate and slender conidiophores. Zygospores present or absent, formed in axial alignment with conjugating segments, globose to subglobose, often smooth, sometimes rough, colourless or yellowish.

Type species: Capillidium heterosporum (Drechsler) B. Huang & Y. Nie.

Notes: – Conidiobolus subgen. Capillidium Ben-Ze’ev & Kenneth was firstly estab- lished to include species with capilliconidia (Ben-Ze’ev and Kenneth 1982). In this phylogenetic analysis, all members of the subgenus Capillidium grouped with good support (100/1.00) and, therefore, it was raised from subgenus to genus status based on the monophyly, as well as the stability to form ellipsoidal secondary conidia (capilliconidia). In addition to capilliconidia, C. adiaeretus also produces microconidia.