Canalisporium Nawawi & Kuthubutheen, Mycotaxon 34(2): 477 (1989)

       = Ascothailandia Sri-indr., Boonyuen, Sivichai & E.B.G. Jones

MycoBank number: MB 11041; Index Fungorum number: IF 11041; Facesoffungi number: FoF 05485; 15 morphological species (Zhao et al. 2012), 11 species with sequence data.

Type speciesCanalisporium caribense (Hol.-Jech. & Mercado) Nawawi & Kuthub.

NotesCanalisporium was introduced to accommodate Berkleasmium caribense, B. pulchrum (Holubová-Jechová & Mercado Sierra 1984) and Canalisporium elegans (Nawawi & Kuthubutheen 1989). At present, 15 species are recognized in this genus (Zhao et al. 2012). Sri-indrasutdhi et al. (2010) described a sexual morph for C. grenadoideum and introduced Ascothailandia, typified by A. grenadoidea. Dayarathne et al. (2019a) showed that this genus emerged at the crown age of 56 (23–94) MYA.