Bretziella Z.W. de Beer, Marinc., T.A. Duong & M.J. Wingf., MycoKeys 27: 10 (2017)

MycoBank number: MB 822520; Index Fungorum number: IF 822520; Facesofungi number: FoF 13024; 1 species with sequence data.

Type speciesBretziella fagacearum (Bretz) Z.W. de Beer, Marinc., T.A. Duong & M.J. Wingf.

Notes – de Beer et al. (2017) reclassified the Ceratocystidaceae (Microascales) based on multi-gene phylogenetic inference and found that the oak wilt fungus Ceratocystis fagacearum (current name Bretziella fagacearum) formed a well-supported monophyletic clade distinct from all other genera in Ceratocystidaceae. They also confirmed that Chalara quercina (the first name applied to the fungus) and Endoconidiophora fagacearum (the name applied when the sexual morph was discovered) are conspecific based on their axenic cultures from the same host trees and geographical area. Thus, de Beer et al. (2017) introduced Bretziella to accommodate the oak wilt fungus with the single species B. fagacearum found on Quercus sp.


  • Bretziella fagacearum