Bondiella palmicola Piroz., Mycol. Pap. 129: 6 (1972).

MycoBank number: MB 309834; Index Fungorum number: IF 309834; Facesoffungi number: FoF 07874; Fig. 113

Description: see Hyde et al (2013).

Material examined: Tanzania, Kigoma, Kakombe, on fallen fronds of Elaeis guineensis, 19 December 1963, K.A. Pirozynski M26c, IMI 105789c, holotype).

Fig. 113 Bondiella palmicola (IMI 105789c, holotype). a Herbarium specimens. b Ascomata semi-immerged on host. c Peridium. d Vertical section of ascoma. e Ostiolar canal with hyaline periphyses. f, h Asci. g Immature bitunicate asci. i, j Ascospores with 2 cells. k, l Ascospores strained in India ink. Scale bars: d = 100 μm, e = 50 μm, c, f–h = 20 μm, i, j = 10 μm, k, l = 5 μm