Blastophorum Matsush., Microfungi of the Solomon Islands and Papua-New Guinea (Osaka): 8 (1971)

MycoBank number: MB 7394; Index Fungorum number: IF 7394; Facesoffungi number: FoF 13553; 4 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 1 species with sequence data.

Type speciesBlastophorum truncatum Matsush.

Notes – This genus is characterized by unbranched, percurrently proliferating, septate and dark brown conidiophores; enteroblastic to polyblastic and sympodial conidiogenous cells, which are subhyaline at the base and hyaline above and inconspicuous flattened denticles at conidiogenous loci; and septate, elongated, cuneiform and slimy conidia (Hyde et al. 2016b). This genus resembles Kylindria in its polyblastic and sympodial conidiogenous cells, but differs in having cuneiform and larger conidia (Hyde et al. 2016b). Hyde et al. (2016b) placed Blastophorum in Reticulascaceae based on the phylogenetic analysis of a combined LSU and ITS sequence data and morphology.


  • Blastophorum truncatum