Benniella Vandepol & Bonito, gen. nov.

Index Fungorum number: MB 833778; Facesoffungi number: FoF

Etymology: In honor of Gerald Benny, an American mycologist who has dedicated his career to the study of zygomyceteous fungi. Dr. Benny made significant contri- butions to Mortierellaceae taxonomy, among others. This included establishing the subphylum Mortierellomycotina, elevating Gamsiella to generic level, and renaming Echino- sporangium as Lobosporangium.

Description: Colonies on MEA or PDA are pure white to off white in color and do not produce rosette or colony patterns when young. With age, some slight growth rings may develop in the mycelium along the agar surface. Aerial mycelium is very abundant, over 1 cm thick. Hyphae are sterile, without observed sporangiophores or zygospores.

Habitat: These fungi have been isolated from dried soils collected in the United States (Indiana and Ohio), Australia, and Uganda. Isolates were baited from soils using sterilized shrimp exoskeletons.

Type species: Benniella erionia Liber & Bonito