Bagadiella Cheew. & Crous, Persoonia 23: 59 (2009)

MycoBank number: MB 513840; Index Fungorum number: IF 513840; Facesoffungi number: FoF 13114; 4 species with sequence data.

Type speciesBagadiella lunata Cheewangkoon & Crous

Notes – Cheewangkoon et al. (2009) introduced this genus with Bagadiella lunata as the type species and there are four epithets recorded under Bagadiella (Cheewangkoon et al. 2009, Crous et al. 2011). All species have been reported with asexual morphs and B. koalae is coelomycetous.Bagadiella koalae was reported from leaves of Eucalyptus globulus eaten by koala and B. victoriae was reported from leaves of Eucalyptus sp. in Australia (Crous et al. 2011). Bagadiella is characterised by caespituli pale, suprastomatal, pseudoparenchyma with a substomatal cavity froming a rosette of conidiophores. Conidiophores are micronematous, cylindrical and dichotomously branched. Conidiogenous cells are terminal, monophialidic, branched, subcylindrical to lageniform and conidia are hyaline, lunate, curved, with a round apices, tapering towards a subtruncate base and borne in slimy heads.


  • Bagadiella lunata