Auratiopycnidiella Crous & Summerell, Persoonia 28: 69 (2012)

MycoBank number: MB 564733; Index Fungorum number: IF 564733; Facesoffungi number: FoF 04385; 1 species with sequence data.

Type speciesAuratiopycnidiella tristaniopsis Crous & Summerell

NotesAuratiopycnidiella is monotypic and comprises only the type species A. tristaniopsis. This taxon shows some similarities to taxa of Cryphonectriaceae in having orange conidiomata. However, Auratiopycnidiella is distinct from other genera of Diaporthales in having subepidermal, pycnidial, orange conidiomata with dark brown margins, holoblastic to annellidic conidiogenous cells, ellipsoid and uni-septate conidia with a thickened hilum or minute marginal frill. Conidia becoming brown at germination forming a thin, wavy germ slit, 90° to the long axis of the conidium (Crous et al. 2012b).


  • Auratiopycnidiella tristaniopsis