Asterotexis cucurbitacearum (Rehm) Arx [as ‘cucurbitarum’], Fungus, Wageningen 28: 6 (1958).

Dothidella cucurbitacearum Rehm, Hedwigia 36(6): 376 (1897).

MycoBank number: MB 118911; Index Fungorum number: IF 118911; Facesoffungi number: FoF 07608; Fig. 7

Description: see Hongsanan et al. (2014b).

Material examined: Brazil, Brazilia, Rio de Janeiro, on Cucurbitaceae, May 1887, E. Ule 676, Ex Herb. Sydow (SF7565, holotype); COSTA RICA, San José, Finca La Caja, on surface of leaves of Sechium edule (Cucurbitaceae), 25 March 1927, Det. J.A. Stevensen (S-F220847).

Fig. 7 Asterotexis cucurbitacearum (a, b, d, f from S-F7565, holo- type and c, e, g–n from from S-F22084). a Herbarium specimen. b Ascomata on substrate. c Ascoma when viewed in squash mount. d Drawing from von Arx and Müller (1975). e Upper wall of ascoma. F Asci. g Hamathecium. h–j Asci. k Ocular chamber strained in Melzer’s reagent. l, m 1-septate ascospores. n 2-septate ascospore. Scale bars: c = 100 μm, e–j = 20 μm, k–n = 10 μm