Asteronia (Sacc.) Henn., Hedwigia 34: 104 (1895)

MycoBank number: MB 425; Index Fungorum number: IF 425, Facesoffungi number: FoF 06215; – 2 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), molecular data unavailable.

Type species: Asteronia sweetiae Henn., Hedwigia 34: 104 (1895).

= Parodiopsis sweetiae (Henn.) G. Arnaud, Annls Épiphyt. 7: 53 (1921).

Notes: Wu et al. (2010) revisited Asteronia and provided a description and illustration of the holotype of A. sweetiae (K (M) 159800) and suggested to place this genus in families Asterinaceae or Meliolaceae more suitable than place in Microthyriaceae. Later, Wu et al. (2011b) transferred Asteronia to Venturiales incertae cedis. Pem et al. (2019c) provided description and illustration of this genus based on the isotype of A. sweetiae (S-F46114). Its morphology and substrate are consistent with genera in Perisporiopsidaceae. Therefore, Asteronia was transferred to Perisporiopsidaceae by Pem et al. (2019c). Furthermore, species in Asteronia need sequence data to indicate the generic placement.