Asterinella Theiss., Annls mycol. 10(2): 160 (1912).

Notes: Asterinella was introduced by Theissen (1912b), with the type species A. puiggarii (Speg.) Theiss. Wu et al. (2014) include Asterinella in Asterinaceae based on superficial hyphae with appressoria, thryiothecia opening by splitting to form a central irregular ostiole, and mucronate appressoria with a short branch of two cells. Molecular data is needed to support this classification (Wu et al. 2014).

Type species: Asterinella puiggarii (Speg.) Theiss., Brotéria, sér. bot. 10(2): 116 (1912)
Asterina puiggarii Speg., Anal. Soc. cient. argent. 12(3):99 [no. 114] (1881)
Asterinella puiggarii (Speg.) Theiss., Brotéria, sér. bot. 10(2): 116 (1912) var. puiggarii
= Asterinella puiggarii var. minor Bat. & Peres, Brotéria 30(1–2): 19 (1961)