Ascotricha Berk., Ann. nat. Hist., Mag. Zool. Bot. Geol. 1: 257 (1838)

Index Fungorum number: IF 384; MycoBank number: MB 384Facesoffungi number: FoF 03021; 18 morphological species (Cheng et al. 2015, Li & Zhao 2018, Species Fungorum 2020), 9 species with sequence data.

Type speciesAscotricha chartarum Berk.

NotesAscotricha species are characterized by ascomata having long hairs with shorter, hyaline branches, brown, ellipsoidal ascospores with an equatorial germ slit and geniculosporium type asexual morphs (Berkeley 1838, Cheng et al. 2015). Cheng et al. (2015) added two novel species and one combination of Ascotricha from algae and confirmed the taxonomic placement of the genus in Xylariaceae. Li & Zhao (2018) added one new species and two combinations. However, BLASTn results of the available sequences and phylogenetic affinities of our multigene analyses that show Ascotricha is close to Zygosporium. Therefore, revision of Ascotricha is needed to establish its taxonomic placement.


  • Ascotricha chartarum