Areotheca ambigua (Sacc.) Y. Marín & Stchigel, in Marin-Felix, Miller, Cano-Lira, Guarro, García, Stadler, Huhndorf & Stchigel, Microorganisms 8 (9, no. 1430): 14 (2020)

           Basionym: Lasiosphaeria hispida subsp. ambigua Sacc., Michelia 1: 46. 1877.

          Synonym: Lasiosphaeria ambigua (Sacc.) Sacc., Sylloge Fungorum 2: 197. 1883.

                              Bombardia ambigua (Sacc.) G. Winter, Rabenhorst’s Kryptogamen-Flora, Pilze – Ascomyceten, Edn 2 1: 236. 1885.

                              Lasiosordaria ambigua (Sacc.) Chenant., Bull. Soc. Mycol. France 35: 79. 1919.

                              Cercophora ambigua (Sacc.) R. Hilber, in Hilber & Hilber, Z. Mykol. 45: 212. 1979.

Index Fungorum number: IF 835681; MycoBank number: MB 835681; Facesoffungi number: FoF14639

As the strain CBS 13729 was placed in a clade far from Lasiosphaeriaceae s. str., and because it differs from all other members of Lasiosphaeriaceae s. lat. by the production of navicular ascospores whose upper cell is dark brown and septate and the lower cell is pale brown and non-collapsing with age, it is proposed as belonging to the new genus Naviculispora.